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Test Xin Inventory 2.0 on Network

Question :

We tested the software on stand-alone basis and were satisfied with the

We wanted to run a last test of Networking to see if it was working well on
Network settings

But, after setting up the SQL and restoring the database, the Trial Period
Message indicates that Trial Period has expired. But we barely have started
testing the software one week ago.


Answer :

When you install the program on the actual server, you should have another 30 days trial period. But once you restore the database from your test computer, the trial period will be expired. This is because when you switching computer, the program detect that it was different computers and will terminate the trial period. This is one of the method we take to eliminate the illegal redistribution of the license key.

What you can do is to uninstall the program from your server, and re-install it. During the installation it will prompt to ask whether to overwrite database, choose “Yes”. Then you may continue to do the networking test and only restore the data from test computer after you purchase the license if necessary.

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