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How to setup Tax like GST VAT in Xin Inventory

Xin Inventory allow user to setting different taxes according to the needs, some need to set up sales tax, GST, VAT and etc. This video shows how to setup different taxes.

By using Xin Inventory, user can set multiple tax level. What user need to do is define the tax code and tax percentage.

User can set single or double taxation. Single taxation is very straight forward, this mean the tax in only apply to the product selling price.

Double taxation is more complicated, there are 2 options for double taxation. Assume that we have 2 taxes, tax_1 and tax_2.

  • user can choose to apply tax_1 and tax_2 on the product¬†selling price
  • user can choose to apply tax_2 to (product selling price + tax_1) where tax_1 is the tax that apply to product selling price

There is another tax where allow user to tax on the total amount. Please watch the demo below and do not hesitate to contact us if have any questions


sample tax invoice from Xin Inventory 2.0

sample tax invoice from Xin Inventory 2.0


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