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Change date format to yyyy.MM.dd in Xin Inventory 2.0

This article shows how to set the date format to yyyy.MM.dd or yyyy-MM-dd or other  format for quotation. The same steps will apply to invoice, purchase order, customer statement, receipt, credit note, debit note and etc.

To change the date format, user need to customize own template. We assume that user already know how to customize own template, if do not know how to customer template, please refer to

We use quotation as sample in this case. There are 2 date that we need to change, shipping date and quotation date.

Now, open the quotation template in template editor.  We will start with shipping date. Highlight [Shipping Date] and click on the top right corner. A table cell tasks will be popup.


In the Data Binding Field, click on it and expend Quotation in the drop down.


Find Header_ShippingDate and click on it to select this field.


Now, click on Format String …


FormatString Editor will be popup. Click on DateTime and choose Custom tab. Enter the format you like. In this case, i’ve entered yyyy.MM.dd and click on OK button.


Now, format setting for Shipping Date is Done. We continue with quotation date.

Note that the quotation date is Header_Date in the quotation data.


Now, we can delete the Date in the quotation template.


The drag the Header_Date to the date field and customize the appearance such as font type, padding alignment and etc.


Now, highlight Header_Date and click the top right corner on Header_Date. Find Format String and click on it. The FormatString Editor will appear. Select DateTime and enter the custom format yyyy.MM.dd and then click on OK.


We have done with quotation date.

The final date in quotation looks like below

quotation date format

quotation with custom date format



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