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Server Migration

Question :

We have just purchased a Dell Server with windows server 2008 . We want to migrate from the actual machine (laptop) to the server. There is any problem? Can you please let us know how to uninstall from one machine and install in the central server.

Answer :

To migrate to the server, please follow these steps:
1. In the old computer, go to Setting > Backup & Restore, do a full backup.
2. In the new computer, install Inventory 2.0 as “Server”.
3. In the new computer, go to Setting > Backup & Restore, restore the data done in step 1.
4. For the database, as you change the server, there are some setting need to be done on the database (Microsoft SQL Server). This is a known issue as the database setting created in old computer cannot be recognized in new computer. Please refer :  and follow the steps to reset the database user.
5. Start the program and register it using your existing user license.

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