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Question :

I am interested in your pos system and would like to know the cost for installing to two pc. Does it support multi license? do i need to have different ip for each installment? please advise


Answer :

We do not have POS system. Anyway, if you find our Xin Invoice or Xin Inventory suitable as your POS system, that will be good. We have the free trial version for all software, please download it from to confirm it is suitable to your business.

For each license, we allow up to 5 time registration to cater cases where you might need to reinstall or reformat your PC. So for your case, if you need to install into 2 PC, you can actually use the same product. However, if it is for different business and different company, you will have to purchase 2 different license.

As you mention about install in 2 PC, this article might be useful to you –>


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